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Biteblock for Endoscopy

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  • ML-003


    • Silicon Cushion Type(ML-003S)
    • Easy Fitting
    • Disposable Bite block (Mouthpiece) for Endoscopy
    • It’s hygienic and prevents infection outside by the function of Germanium.
    • Median Line can easily be positioned in the center of patient’s mouth
    • It’s designed to minimize stress on anterior teeth and complete fixation
    • Far-Infrared


  • Keep the patient in operation position.
  • Use the Median Line as a guide to securely position device on the patient.
  • Fix the band.
  • Removes after use by following the above steps in reserve order.


  • This is a one-time use product. Do not reuse and do not re-sterilize.
  • Do not use product if the packaging or product itself is damaged.