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ECG(EKG) Suction Ball Electrode

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  • EL-003 (Pediatric)


    EL-002 Electrodes are accessories for Electrocardiograms. The EL-002 Electrodes are suitable for all varieties of ECG cables and lead wires. They can be connected to straight jacks, banana jacks, and snaps. Bowl type hardware plated with Ag & AgCl ensures accuracy and smooth transmission of electrocardiograph signal. These electrodes are safe and suitable for use with the body.

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  • Long-time measurements with a strong negative pressure may cause reddening of the skin. Especially when using the electrode on patients with delicate skin, squeeze the suction ball only lightly.
  • When insert into the jack, PLS, tighten the screws, to ensure the jack & are tight interlinked with the Suction Electrodes with no loose.
  • Disinfect the electrodes by wiping them down with a cloth moisten with alcohol (70%).
  • Use available medical cleaning for surgical instruments to clean the electrodes.
  • sDo not use metal tools to remove solid particles of dirt as this would destory the plating